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El Nido Travel Guide Take 1 – Pacificklaus

El Nido Travel Guide Take 1

After a good month in beautiful El Nido, let me share some travel tips:

Drink the fruit shake. There are lots of places around town selling tasty fruit shakes, with all kinds of well known and lesser known tropical fruits (gujabana is one to try!). Healthy & delicious. I always opt out of the extra sugar.

Go to the Art Cafe. After spending most of my adult life abroad, I think that not that much is left in me in terms of my original cultural background, Viennese-Austrian. But, I still like to be able to go to a nice cafe. A place where one can drink a coffee, contemplate the philosophical question of the day, or just wind down a bit. Write emails . Maybe people-watch. The Art Cafe in El Nido is such a place.

My Way to El Nido

Don’t rent a moped. “Oh, that’s so cool, we’ll rent a moped and explore the island on our own”. Noooooo! What will happen, and I have seen that many times by now, is that you will not be used to the really rough roads and the crazy traffic here, and fall off your moped, onto your unprotected skin. There are lots of severely scratched up young people limping around here. Don’t be one of them. Also, it really is a moped, not a motorcycle! In addition, it really hurts to be in the ocean when your skin is all scratched up! That leads us to the last tip…