Evolution Photoganza 2013

The Evolution Photoganza 2013, September 13th-18th, Malapascua, Cebu, Philippines!

The Photoganza 2013 was a great success, we believe everyone had fun and went home with great memories and top images.This was our group of divers:

Evolution is one of the most respected and professional dive resorts in the Philippines. In September 2013 we were offering you the chance to hone and perfect your photography skills whilst learning about the incredible marine life of Malapascua with underwater photographer and Biologist Dr. Klaus M. Stiefel.

Lectures and presentations on local fauna supplemented the experience.  Learn about the behavior of the famous Alopias pelagicus or Thresher Shark, uniquely found at diving depths in Malapascua. Dr. Stiefel also drew heavily on his experience in Malapascua to teach participants about the dynamics of commensal, parasitic and symbiotic behavior that allows prepared photographers get the shot of a life time.

Evolution Photoganza in Malapascua

Evolution Photoganza 2013!

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