Free Marine Biology Images

During the last several years I have taken a lot of pictures underwater… in places including Micronesia, California, Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines. All of these images are on Flickr, and can be freely used under a non-commercial Creative Commons license. That means, you are free to use them for education, research and art, as long as you credit me. If you’d like to use them commercially, please contact me.

Now, I have been quite diligent in tagging my images, and I have organized them in Albums. Thanks to many years of diving in many very nice places, my collection covers quite a few topics. I have a number of photographs showing sharks, behavior of animals underwater, sponges, mutualistic symbiosis, parasites, and, my favorites, shrimp gobies. These are those amazing little fishes which share a burrow with a shrimp, in exchange for guard duties. If you click on the images below, you will be taken to Flickr, and see all the shots belonging to that particular topic. Don’t be shy to use them! I always enjoy hearing about it if you do. These albums group photographs of one particular topic, but you can also search my shots on Flickr by keyword. The keywords are listed below the image.

Let’s start with the shrimp gobies, what beauties they are:

Shrimp Gobies

Next: Sharks. Everyone loves sharks.


Symbiosis: animals working together.

Parasites: Ouch! Plus: wrassses, clingfish and shrimp removing those parasites.

Parasites and their Removers

Behavior shots of marine animals.

Marine Life Behavior

And, finally, here are all of my sponges: