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Hello Internets! – Pacificklaus

Hello Internets!

This is my new blog! I will be writing about scuba diving, photography (especially underwater), marine biology and travel in Australia and Asia. And all of that will come right onto your screen with lots of nice nature photographs.

If you’d like to get a taste  of my writing, this is an article about deep diving & photography I recently wrote. A while back I also wrote an article about muck diving (diving in, before closer inspection, unspectacular dive sites) in the Under Water  Photography magazine, issue 61, and, I wrote a book, “Sex Drugs and Scuba Diving”. I like to add a good dose of humor to my writing!

You can see my nature photography here, and if you really like my pictures, order prints here.  I mostly shoot underwater, and I have brought my camera to dive sites in awesome places like Southern California to Micronesia, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia. I also enjoy nature photography topiside, especially birds, mainly, but not exclusively the feathered ones.

So, I hope to see you back here regularly! Till soon!

That’s me!