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Journal of Riskless Research Cancelled! – Pacificklaus

Journal of Riskless Research Cancelled!

Last week, Multinational Academic Publishers announced the launch of “Journal of Riskless Research”. The JRR was supposed to provide a top-end forum for publications aimed at improving the authors’ standing in the academic community. Publications were expected to avoid any controversy or novelty, but, more reasonably, should concentrate on proper formatting and citing of everyone who comes to the socials at the respective field’s relevant conferences.

JRR’s hallmarks were supposed to be an absence of challenges to current paradigms, questioning previous work (especially when published in high-impact journals) and indulging in interdisciplinarity. Incremental results with relevance obvious to and welcome by senior figures in your field were supposed to be highly encouraged.

However, after some additional market research, we have found that there are already thousands of academic journals with this or very similar business models, and we unfortunately have to announce the cancellation of the planned journal launch!

Journal of Riskless Research: cancelled.

Journal of Riskless Research: cancelled.