Mike vs. Neil De Grasse Tyson Superfight

This is the time for freak-show confrontations. This weekend, Floyd “49-0” Mayweather and Connor „Tapped to Diaz“ McGregor will fight in a boxing match which is motivated by money, media attention whoredom and ego, but certainly not by a desire to put athletic excellence on display. McGregor has no professional boxing fights so far, and most experts give him little chance against the all-time great boxer Mayweather.

In the light of this spectacle, a new superfight has been announced, between “Iron” Mike Tyson vs. Neil deGrasse Tyson, billed as “The battle of the Tysons”.

As in the Mayweather – McGregor fight, one combatant will enter the discipline of the other, and the encounter will be fought as an astrophysics debate. Wouldn’t Iron Mike have a whole lot of reading up to do? The experts give him little chance to hold his own.

“He certainly is no pushover when it comes to debating those rotating magnetic fields around neutron stars” admitted Iron Mike. “But I’m no weak-ass when it comes to mincing words, either. I will hold my own in any discussion.”. This leaked video proves his point: