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My friend Alex and I wrote an article for Scientific American Mind about the differences and similarities of cameras and the human visual system. Lots of interesting stuff in there, from camera sensors, the cells in the retina and the inherent differences between recording an image and perceiving a visual scene.

And, I am very looking forward to teaching, for the 1st time, the PADI Shark Conservation Specialty course with Abyss Scuba Diving in Sydney. The course is coming up on May 24th and will run once a month after that. Don’t hesitate to sign up if you are interested in sharks.

And, there are still spots for the Evolution Photoganza in Malapascua, Philippines, which will be a photo seminar and a four day diving extravaganza in one of the best dive spots in the lovely Philippines.  It’s meant for divers and underwater photographers of all skill levels, the only necessity is enthusiasm for the ocean and for photographing the animals in it!

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  1. Ashley Hauck

    Ah, too bad I don’t have access to Scientific American Mind. It sounds like it would be an interesting article!

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