As many of you know, a few years ago I left regular university employment and have been an independent scientist since. It’s of course still a very good idea to have a scientific home base – for publishing papers, and for grant applications, the independent scientist needs an affiliation. Neurolinx provides all of that for me. It’s also great to have a network of people to interact with, to discuss ideas, get feedback on manuscripts, and to collaborate. A lot of my colleagues from my previous positions have been great in this regard in the last few years, but Neurolinx has also helped greatly.

The Neurolinx Institute supports projects like the OpenWorm project, a really cool project to simulate the entity of the C. elegans worm, nervous system and all. Neurolinx also participated in a study using EEG (brain wave recordings!) of dolphins. Another thing they do is to try to reduce the environmental impact of neuroscience research – an excellent idea! I myself have published theoretical neuroscience under the Neurolinx banner, and am working on some marine biology projects right now.

This is Neurolinx’ home page, and Neurolinx’ Facebook page. Check it out!