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Nice Gear – Pacificklaus

Nice Gear

There are a few pieces of underwater photo gear I’d love to get my hands on. It’s always fun to try out new tools. They force you to recalibrate your photo techniques, and consider new approaches to shooting things you thought you knew how to capture.

The Macromate Mini for the GoPro pocket-sized video camera seems like a nice tool to use this camera for high quality macro videography. Check out the sample videos they have on their page.

And, Olympus released the TG-3, the next in their line of environmental-proof compact cameras. I used, and reviewed, the TG-2, the precursor model, this one supposedly has a really exceptional ultramacro mode. Without a housing you can take this camera to 15 m, with a housing you can take it on any recreational dive, and it won’t die in the case of a leak. A 16 MP sensor should give you a nice resolution, and the small compact camera sensors have improved heaps in the last decade.