Obamacare to be Revoked, but Sex Change Surgery Remains Free

Power is about to change hands in the United States of America after last November’s election. One topic which has galvanized the American ultra-right for a while is outgoing president Obama’s affordable care act, often termed Obama-care. For the international readership not familiar with the law: It’s somewhat of an effort to provide health care to every person living in the country, as has been usual in almost all other at least somewhat developed countries for many years. This effort has, for psychological and ideological reasons, irritated the right-wingers who now come into power: Hence, Obama-care’s days are numbered.

One medical service, however, will remain free after the rightist takeover, namely female-to-male sex change surgery. Some US states deem this procedure so important for the health care of an individual that they provide it to their prison population. The procedure will remain available for the general public as well. Even more so, the bureaucratic hurdles for having this conversion approved will be lowered. Filling out a simple online form will be sufficient in the near future.

What is the reason for this exception to the otherwise complete repeal of Obama-care?

Dr. Flip Wiliamson, the soon-to-be under-secretary in the US ministry of commerce and medicine, explained that demographic reasoning was behind the decision to keep female-to-male sex change free, and to even encourage the surgery: Far more men than women voted for Trump. “If you want to be a dude, we are all for it, since you are more likely to vote for us in 2020 then.” Dr. Wiliamson explained at a press conference in Washington, DC, yesterday. “We are in the process of working out the number of sex changes we need to compensate for the expected loss of supporters who will figure out that no one, not even Trump, can reverse the long-term decline of the American economy.” he added.