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Pacificklaus Enjoying Himself While Traveling – Pacificklaus

Pacificklaus Enjoying Himself While Traveling

Early morning espresso in the international terminal. A dude with a sweet leaf tattooed on his leg, ask him where to get some? Nah, international airports are no good location for such ideas! Airports are fun for people watching, though. Lots of people being emotional when leaving, taking farewell pictures, having a good time. On airports, I see lots of folksI would not normally have come across: Modern society is not necessarily good to its people, lots of folks are terribly overweight or have really bad posture.

Always a good one: A man with a pious Muslim’s big beard checking if I, with the world’s most famous atheist tattooed on my shoulder (he who said “God is dead”) am having explosives for some jihadist terawrism in my backpack. I’m sure he is a totally peaceful and upright citizen, but it’s still absurd.

The in-flight entertainment is heavily censored: apparently bad things happen to the fabric of society/biosphere/the space-time continuum if someone hears the word “fuck” pronounced. This made watching “Irish” Mickey Ward’s biopic a very surreal experience: these Boston Irish apparently say fuck so much that the movie was turned into a silent movie for stretches of 30 seconds at a time. “ “ “ !” “ !!” “ “ great dialogue! Fucking censors. I dare you to say that out loud right where you are right now. One of the keys to having fun on the road is to reflect on things and to see all these kinds of absurdities as entertainment and not as annoyances.

I never watch as many new-ish movies as when in the air. The new X-men movie has a flying stripper! Genius.

Thailand seems like a happening place from the little I have seen so far.  A similar vibe to the Philippines, but more affluent and not quite as much of this fantastic creative chaos. Lovely little Buddhist shrines in every  restaurant and hotel. Super hot ladies. Everybody is friendly and speaks some English. Durian and mangoes sold on the streets. Good times. I have been eating Pad Thai for many years. Today I had the first one in Thailand. And I had a ladyboy serve it to me! True story and it shows that it’s important to also read the second part of any sentence.