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During the last few years, I have written for a variety of popular science magazines, blogs and web pages. For “Scientific American – Mind” I wrote an article with Alex Holcombe, University of Sydney, about the differences and similarities between cameras and eyes. That article also got translated into German. Of course, my book “The Camera and the Brain” (see below) is dealing with a similar topic.

For the German edition of Scientific American Mind, “Spektrum der Wissenschaft – Gehirn & Geist” I wrote these articles on an enigmatic brain region called the claustrum, and on dendrites. For a while I was writing for scubadiverlife.com, about amazing dive sites in Australia (another one) and the Philippines, about gobies, dragonets, red indian fish, hyperbaric medicine and the perfect body for diving. And I wrote this article about photographing the wildlife on really deep dives for a popular photo webpage.

For PADI’s technical diving blog I wrote about nitrogen narcosis. Divers generally assume that once you dive shallower, the effects of narcosis go away almost immediately. That’s not quite true! More here ….

For X-Ray magazine I wrote about fish brains (you can see a brain shining trough the skin of a somewhat translucent fish below). It can really, really help your underwater photography if you understand some aspects of fish brain function better? How? Read that here….

For Digital Photography School I explained how to take macro photographs underwater. Read that here…

My nature photography has made it into a variety of blogs, like this one about seahorses.

This is an excellent new book about wreck diving in the Philippines, written by Stefan Baehr, with a chapter about wrecks as marine life magnets by myself. The book has great pictures, mostly by Stefan, and it‘s both well written and very informative. There are lots of details about the history of all these cool wrecks as well as about the diving and travel logistics. It‘s in German – an English version will be published sometime in 2017!

And there are three books of mine available on Amazon, a marine bio popular science book, a comedic political scifi drug novella and a popular science book about photography and brain research.




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