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Portrait of the Artist as a Hairy Man – Pacificklaus

Portrait of the Artist as a Hairy Man

During my efforts as a nature photographer, I have had quite a bit of wildlife crawl on top of me, poke me and mistake my body hair for a tropical rain-forest. Yes, I am a hairy man, and a certain kind of critter seems to enjoy that. Here is a best of wildlife-on-Klaus:

This just happened yesterday: This gecko fell into the metal sink in my room, from where it could not get out. I rescued it, and took the chance to get a few macro shots while it was resting from the ordeal, on my forearm.


This spider was jumping around between the plants when I first saw it. I sneaked closer with my camera, and then the spider decided I was a good platform to hang out on as well.

Spider in the Jungle

These shark suckers like to get free rides on large sharks or rays, and, if these are not available, divers.

Fish on Man Action
That one is the only shot which I really staged: Rambutan, a hairy fruit, and my hairy chest.

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