Pre-order the Pacificklaus Super-Snoot

There is no shortage of innovative equipment in underwater photography. One gadget which has become quite popular during the last decade is the “snoot” – a tubular piece of plastic which blocks the light from your strobe so that only the center of the field of view is illuminated.

The result are often very artistic, in a way that would probably have taken more than eight minutes to replicate in Photoshop. The ubiquitous snoot-ing has also influenced the styles in underwater photography in general: under-exposed images have become common, with dark-ish marine animals lurking in a corner of an even darker frame. Photographs which by all accounts are terribly under-exposed have become the fashion in underwater shooting. Snoot-ers will tell you that using a snoot is a difficult skill, and that the technique will focus the viewers’ attention on the snoot-ed subject. The snoot is the thing to use in this day and underwater photography age.

Here at Pacificklaus we always strive to go with the Zeitgeist!

A frogfish, Antennarius pictus, shot with the Pacificklaus Technologies SuperSnoot™.

Hence Pacificklaus Technologies have now advanced snoot-technology even further, to its logical extreme. Please welcome the Pacificklaus Technologies SuperSnoot to the underwater photo scene: A plate of solid titanium which wraps around the edges of your strobe, so that no light at all will reach your subject. No. Photon. At. All. from your strobe will reach the frogfish or nudibranch in front of your lens! If you are deep enough and set the f-stop and shutter speed high enough, you will manage to capture completely dark images! It’s so artistic! Just look at the sample images presented here.

Only 795$, pre-order now!

Chromodoris coi, a nudibranch, shot with the Pacificklaus Technologies SuperSnoot™.