Sex, Drugs & Scuba Diving

What is happening one hundred meters below the surface of the Pacific Ocean? Has a manta ray a bigger brain than a chimpanzee? Is the disproof of god’s existence found in the butt of a sea cucumber? Are sharks merciless killers of men, or is it the other way around? Isn’t diving what we as a species really always wanted to do? How did the Vietnamese capture an island held by the Filipinos with the help of pretty girls? What is the right mindset to take photographs under water? Read all of that and more in “Sex, Drugs and Scuba Diving”, featuring tales about the ocean world by biologist Klaus M. Stiefel. Both informative and humorous, tongue-in-cheek and philosophically deep, this book talks about the marine realm of planet earth like no book before. The text is complemented by more than a hundred stunning under water photographs by the author depicting everything from the smallest gobies to the most titanic manta rays.

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