Some Fish Biology Videos

During the last year, I have started making more movies in addition to photographing nature. I have focused on fish behavior, and I think I have gotten some quite nice footage. Being in the water so much, I get lucky and capture behavior which is rare and a bit unusual. I am also trying to put some interesting, edgy music in these videos, not the usual lame-ass water-piano music which seems to dominate underwater videography. Of course watching all these videos is free, I hope you enjoy them for simple viewing pleasure, maybe they can also be useful for teaching biology.

Fish Diversity

The waters of the Philippines have sooo many species of different fishes, I am amazed every time I dive. This is a collection of fishes from Dauin, Negros island.


Schooling of Fishes

Many fishes swim not alone, but in a school. I captured some interesting examples.


Feeding of Fishes

This is an example of two sand gobies feeding, with other fish looking on, hoping to get left-overs.


Territorial Fighting

My favorites! Some fishes can be quite feisty when someone enters their territory! This is a fight of a damselfish against a school of catfish, and a 2-on-1 fight of gobies. Let’s get it on!


The Physics of Fish Swimming

Small fishes and large fishes have to swim in very different ways. Find out why here:



My favorite symbiosis underwater: The collaboration between a vigilant goby and a digging shrimp. Shot in Palawan, Philippines.


Escape Behavior

The underwater wold in Dauin in dominated by sandy planes. Razor wrasses have a very quick way of becoming invisible under teh sand, if threatened.



If a harmless animal looks like a dangerous one, that’s called mimicry.