Spring Reading

Spring is nearing and the extra energy from the extra sunlight will probably give you extra drive to read. Of course if you live in the Philippines, like I do, it’s always sunny and that’s one of the reasons why it’s more fun in the Philippines, but I am such a considerate person that I write my blog also with the cold climate crowd in mind, too. So what could you read?

Somewhat of an oldie at this point, but a goodie, is my book on popular science marine biology, fish sex, looking at corals when high, and the history of the Pacific Ocean. Yep, that covers a lot of submarine ground. And there are pictures in it, too.

Published last year and basically the psychedelic novel of the 21st century – yet to be discovered! – is my story about Australia in the 26th century. It’s political, too, and funny.

What am I reading at the moment? The scientific literature about the effects of shark feeding for tourism purposes. Interesting stuff! I am planning to write a review on this important topic in the next months.