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There are no Global Warming Deniers – Pacificklaus

There are no Global Warming Deniers

I‘ve always watched a lot of boxing. I‘ve been a big fan of the sport since I was a teenager. The most effective punch in boxing is the counter punch. Hit him when he tries to hit you. Do to him what he tries to do to you, just harder and a split second earlier. Beat him with his own weapon. Use his own momentum to knock him out.

This leads me to today’s; topic: There are no global warming deniers. To publicly announce that there is no climate change brought about by humans would be so incredibly off, it’s the intellectual equivalent of purposely pooping your pants at the Oscar awards ceremony, live on TV. No one would do that. Ever.

The science could not be clearer: the planet’s climate is changing at a rapid pace, and human actions play a big, big part in it. To publicly deny this is a showing of moronicism which no one would voluntarily engage in. Ever.

To make a clown out of yourself with some supposedly consensual “Stockholm consensus” which rates the change of the climate of the whole freaking planet as a B-grade problem: why would any self-respecting citizen of the world act so ridiculously? It just does not make any sense.

To argue that the Great Barrier Reef is fine, just a slight, tiny bit bleached maybe, which will go away super soon – who would argue that, if there is solid information contradicting that, compiled by respected scientists, available at the click of a mouse? It’s just inconceivable that anyone would really be so fact-resistant. Claiming that there is a person holding such a view is like claiming that you found a tribe of twenty centimeter short midgets in a mountain village in Borneo – that kind of stuff just does not happen in the real world.

But who are the people in the news who seem to be doing exactly that? Who seem to deny or downplay man-made climate change, against all facts? Some of them are probably daring art school projects. Joseph Beuysian provocative performance art performances. Theater students performing a real-world play, maximizing media coverage and provocation to point out how broken the system of news dissemination is. Others might be inventions by bored journalists, actors paid by TV networks. None of them are real, though, certainly all of them are hoaxers. I just don’t believe that there would exist actual, real, genuine anthropogenic global warming deniers. I deny that there are deniers.