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Egypt Makes Peeing in Wetsuits a Punishable Offense – Pacificklaus

Egypt Makes Peeing in Wetsuits a Punishable Offense

The military dictatorship of Egypt is turning the thumbscrews: First came the massacring of nearly a thousand protesters and the sentencing 683 political opponents to death in what can only be described as a kangaroo court when trying to insult the Australian coat of arms’ animal. Now it seems that not even tourists will be safe from the oppressive policies of general Sisi’s regime. Peeing in wetsuits will become a punishable offense with October 1st . The effect of this new draconian law on Red Sea dive tourism has yet to be assessed.

“It’s not to be expected that scuba tourists can travel to a repressive dictatorship and be completely unaffected by the political conditions in the country” said Dr. John Kuskovizc from the Australian Institute of Common Sense in Canberra. According to Dr. Kuskovizc, the enforcement of this unusual law is what observers of the country speculate most about. “If it’s enforced like the remainder of the Egyptian ‘laws’ by its current judiciary, we have to assume that hearsay and anonymous reporting of peeing-in-wetsuit incidents will suffice to get a diver into trouble.”. The Australian Institute of Common Sense’s August newsletter warns of dive travel to Egypt and of the pre-dive consumption of caffeinated beverages for divers who make the trip regardless.

What does an unfair court of law – a kangaroo court – have to do with this lovely animal?