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Who Reads My Blog? – Pacificklaus

Who Reads My Blog?

I‘ve been blogging for a few years now. It‘s fun – and I hope what I write is interesting to some other people as well. Google, via Google Analytics, lets me find out where my readers are. So here it is, the Pacificklaus.com map of readers during, approximately, the last year:

Europe, US, Russia, Aussieland, Canada, Japan and the Philippines: thank you for reading what I write!

I could do better in South America and many parts of South Asia.

Unsurprisingly, the folks in very land-locked Mongolia have little interest in a blog about scuba diving. Carry on with the horse-back riding, Mongolians!

I have a big problem with a lack of readership in many parts of Africa. Bummer. Again, it’s not surprising that they don’t read me in the landlocked center. But Mozambique? There is great diving in Mozambique! The Mozambiqueros ( Mozambiquians?) need to get their underwater photography news, and they are not getting it from me. I guess there is always a way to improve in life.