Back in Siquijor

I have been back in Siquijor for two weeks now. What a lovely island; and one of those semi-undiscovered Philippine diving gems. I am really surprised that there are not more divers here, given the healthy reefs and the nice macro fauna to photograph. Just yesterday I saw a species of angelfish for the first time. Lots of rare gobies and shrimp frolic between the corals. Barracudas are not rare, and at Paliton wall I see large emperors and trevaleys.

Add to that some of the nicest sunsets I have seen, and a selection of really chill bars and restaurants with good food, friendly people and live music, and it’s a really enjoyable place to stay. While Dauin/Dumaguete have more hardcore divers and alcoholic retirees as visitors, Siquijor has more backpackers and independent travelers.

Kim and Coral

Sunset in Siquijor

Snail Head