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Journal of Risk-less Research – Pacificklaus

Journal of Risk-less Research


“Journal of Riskless Research”

Multinational Academic Publishers is announcing the newly launched “Journal of Riskless Research”. The JRR will provide a top-end forum for publications aimed at improving the authors’ standing in the academic community. Publications are expected to avoid any controversy or novelty, but should concentrate on proper formatting and citing everyone who comes to the socials at the respective field’s relevant conferences.

Please refrain from challenging current paradigms, questioning previous work (especially when published in high-impact journals) and indulging in interdisciplinarity when submitting to JRR. Incremental results with relevance obvious to and welcome by senior figures in your field (with their age-related reduced mental flexibility) are encouraged.

JRR will not charge a monetary publication fee, however, authors are expected to submit a written confirmation of social submission to senior academic colleagues upon paper submission. The inaugural issue of the JRR is planned for May 2014. We expect a large number of submissions, so email the editor at klaus@pacificklaus.com for pre-publication inquiries (attach proof of dinner reservations for expensive Sydney sushi restaurants).

The upcoming issue 1, volume 1 of the JRR.

The upcoming issue 1, volume 1 of the JRR.