So on my way home from Sabang I spent a day in Manila going to a photography event which was cool and hanging out with one of my local friends, which was a lot of fun.

Positive things about Manila: Good dining and partying in hip bars and restaurants in fancy malls, lots of pretty women in hot hot hot clothes.

Negatives: absurdly congested traffic. The Great Massive LA Traffic Jam is mainly due to absurd numbers of cars in an otherwise well designed freeway system. The everlasting depressing Manila traffic jam is rather due to a moderately high number of cars in a city not designed for massive car traffic.

Odd: Gigantic women and mega chicken. There are these gigantic advertizing boards in Manila. I have not seen them this size anywhere else. They mainly advertize for beauty products and chicken dinners. Hence you can see these girls with their faces 12 meters across and grilled chickens 14 meters long. Such a chicken would weigh tons, if that was a 1:1 reproduction of the photograph. I know of course it’s not, but my visual system does not: That makes these giant women and mega chicken so impressive: In the first moment you actually think you’ve seen a giant. There is also a huge poster of Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacqiao. Supersized Manny, no more welterweight but supergiantextraweight. That surely would give Mayweather another reason to run away!