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Most Popular

I’ve now had my blog for a bit over a year, and I just checked which posts were the most popular.

Number 5 was an article about the proper fining technique for underwater photography. Especially in Sydney, where fine-grained sediment can easily be stirred up and ruin the visibility, this is a top skill to master. Let’s all work on it, especially those of us diving the same dive sites on the same day as myself.

Number 4 was an essay about the seahorses and pipefish of Australia, after I had come back from South Australia with an really nice image of a leafy seadragon. Yep, there are some great seahorses and relatives down under. I’m glad this article was popular.

Number 3 was the article about the absurd mis-design of a “scuba device” which would violate quite a number of laws of physics; nevertheless this went completely viral, and lots of physics-illiterate netizens were full of praise for this “design”. I had to let them know that this is stupid. STUPID!

Number 2 was the article about the pathetic over-use of image manipulation in underwater photography. A hammerhead shark pasted on top of a macro-shot, plus a strarburst, and then we’ll add two huge watermarks, and done is the piece of “underwater photographic art”. Just that it has nothing to do with what was visible in the ocean. But who cares, if you can get Facebook-likes? ANGER!

Is there a pattern? Do angry rants end up the most popular contributions of Pacificklaus to the underwater part of the internet? Not quite!

The most popular article so far was the article about the foremost importance of good buoyancy when taking pictures underwater. Nice. I’m glad some folks were interested in that. Good buoyancy saves breathing air, reduces marine life stress when approaching it, and results in better pictures.