Philippine Typhoon Online Charity Event

As most probably know, the Philippines have been hit by one of the strongest storms in human memory. I have traveled to this country many times, and I have met some of the nicest people in all of my world travels there. They have little, but never hesitated to share. I have never been to such a social and friendly place before or after!
Now this already place was hit by a horrible disaster, and help is urgent. Hence:

Pacificklaus Philippine Typhoon Online Charity Event:

1. Choose one of my under- and overwater pictures from the Philippines from here.

2. Donate 180$ or more to:
Bank Name: Eastwest Universal Bank
Branch Name: Dumaguete Branch
Branch Address: Colon St, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines
Account #: 240 0100 2781
Account Name: Hilary Jane Healy
Address: Lipayo, Dauin, Negros Oriental, 6317 Philippines.

This donation will go to the people of Malapascua, via my friends David Joyce & Matt Reed (owners of the evolution dive shop) and Hilary Healy. Please email me at and CC with your name, image title and shipping address.

Note: please don’t use the previously mentioned paypal address to donate anymore!

3. I’ll have a quality print (20×30 inch, 508 x 762mm) made of the picture you chose, and will mail it to you. I will pay for the cost of printing and shipping, you will get the print and the people of Malapascua will get help. I can offer these free prints, and free shipping for the first 50 donors.

Thanks to all who have donated, the online event is over now.

A juvenile fingered dragonet, seen at the Evolution house muck.

A juvenile fingered dragonet, seen at the Evolution house muck.