Underwater Video Bonanza

I’ve continued to shoot more underwater video lately. It’s a good challenge, requiring overlapping but still different skills than underwater photography. I like to use interesting electronic music with my videos, not the usual super-lame soft-piano water music! Of course I shot a lot of gobies:



This video is a mini-documentary about another group of very interesting small fishes, the dragonets. The famous mandarin fish is of course a dragonet.

And this video is a collage of footage of different rare and unusual fishes in Dauin. I show the yellow striped wormfish, a really rare and shy fish, hard to shoot. I also show the fingered dragonet, which is a fish that crawls, not swims, and a juvenile map puffer which surfs a current and only uses its pectoral fins to steer. The sanddivers dive into the sand when threatened (there is slow-mo of that behavior), and the striped catfish dig through the sand in an unusual type of fish school.

And this is another example of really unusual fish behavior. Juvenile sweetlips perform this constant jerking dance. Why? Is this antipredatory behavior?