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Best of 2017 – Pacificklaus

Best of 2017

Hey! 2017 is almost over. I have certainly had good times underwater and on land, and many thanks to everyone who dived, hung out, drank beer and discussed science, diving and life with me. I also took some nice pictures, made a few videos, and wrote a few blog posts. Here are the most popular ones from the past year:

Photo: This Armina, a sea slug, was roaming the underwater sands of Dauin when I shot its portrait. More than 10000 netizens looked at the image since I posted it. Thanks to Marc for being my buddy on the dive when I saw the pretty mollusk.

Video: I had the quick hands to capture this 2-on-1 fight between two gobies in Siquijor, Philippines. These are feisty little fishes! Thanks to Leo for coming on that dive with me!

And … the most popular post on this blog was my story about a not-so-luxurious hotel in the Philippines … I still love living here, but sometime you have to deal with more wildlife than you really want to, also in your room. Thanks to Glaiza for being with me during this adventure.