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Video – Pacificklaus


I am usually more of a still photographer – I hope that you as an occasional reader of my blog and appreciator of my Flickr photostream know that. But I also got myself a “Intova action cam” last year in Ozland, a camera similar to the popular small-but-powerful “GoPros” cameras. The Intova Sport HD is a bit behind the GoPro Hero3 in the tech specs, but not much. It also comes with a screen, which is quite handy for proper framing, and its battery life is very good.

Sometimes I take it along instead of my still camera and shot some footage underwater. I can’t compete with the folks with pro level equipment in terms of image quality and low light performance, and without video lights the colors fade.

Hence my creative spirits have to make up for the technological lag:

How many of you have seen footage of bubbles being exhaled into the water, from the mouth cavity outwards? See.

Then was I lucky enough to film a really unusual fish, the devil walker, a type of stone fish.

Also, underwater videos usually either have lame “water music” or uninspiring island tunes from wherever they were shot. Not mine. I put some edgy electronica with the footage. Thanks to Pepin Lachance for putting his work online as creative commons.

Enough jiving. Enjoy the video: