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Libyan government to provide emergency psychological assistance to disappointed US voters – Pacificklaus

Libyan government to provide emergency psychological assistance to disappointed US voters

In an unexpected turn of events real estate magnate Donald Trump was voted in as the 45th US president – I am sure you have not managed to avoid hearing these news.

This caused a massive political stir and a drop in some massively overvalued stocks. The Mexican Peso also lost some its value. The Mexican taco kept all its taste, though, fortunately. And, the Trump victory caused massive psychological problems in many Democrat-leaning US citizens, US residents, and folks who just consume too much US media.

“I will start seriously drinking now”
“This is the end of it all”
“This is the darkest day in my life”
“This all is so sad and painful”
were representative of the statements made by the many Americans and American-media-over-consumers who had a hard time coming to terms with the loss of the candidate they supported.

Dark times

Dark Times Are Approaching

Curiously, of all foreign governments, it was one of the three competing Libyan governments who first offered its services to the traumatized Clinton voters & fans.

“We are currently in a brief lull of the constant fighting happening since secretary of state Clinton democratized us, so we can spare some of our trauma psychologists for a week or two.” Abu Mustafa El Alamain, the undersecretary of health of the Libyan government recognized by FIFA and the UFC said in a statement released Wednesday evening.

“These are experts in helping our population cope with the deaths of family members suffered in the constant fighting which has been going on since the Clinton-led NATO intervention destabilized our country. These psychologists know how to help people deal with the senseless losses of relatives, limbs, or homes. They will hopefully also be able to help stressed-out middle-class people who did not get their will in a democratic election.”

Mr. El Alamain said he hoped the first trauma psychologists could leave for New York and California by tomorrow, if the road to the airport is not being shelled.

And here is a brief video of the so unfortunately defeated progressive icon, Ms. Clinton, laughing at the successful killing of Libya’s former leader. If only such a good person was the next president of the US, the world would not be about to end: